Rishi Khandelwal’s Expert Advice Career Courses In Australia

Rishi Khandelwal gives an expert opinion on career courses available in Australia for various students. Rishi Khandelwal displays good career options for Asian students.

Rishi Khandelwal’s informative lines for good career options for Asian students and says If you are an international student, or a parent of a prospective international student, wanting to send your child to Australia, a common question arises what course shall I make them study. According to education expert Rishi Khandelwal it depends on two main factors. If its educational value and interest that you seek, then any course will be fine as young as you are fine with the cost of education and living expenses. Rishi Khandelwal suggests that Australian education is well recognized all over the world and in some areas, it is class leading.

However, if you are considering education for value of career or income earning potential, Rishi Khandelwal says you have to choose your course carefully as not all courses are in demand that will generate a pathway for you to stay back in Australia to live and earn here indefinitely. So if one is willing to change and choose a career here are some options. Nursing remains one of the top picks for both female and male candidates. Covid-19 has yet again proven that demand for health care workers are high, and registered nurses remain on critical occupation lists in most Australian State and Territory programs. Other health care professions such as physiotherapists, doctors and social workers are also well placed at the moment. In terms of other professional courses, IT is also trending in Australia with many specializations trending in the skills list such as networking, software development etc. With the booming building and construction sector, civil engineering can also be a good choice.

If students are not academically inclined, Rishi Khandelwal states that there may be trade courses that might be suitable such as carpentry, diploma in building and construction, automotive and cookery. Most of them would require a job ready or industry placement program, where students would have to complete mandatory work experience or apprenticeships.

However, this advice is current at the time of publication and general in nature only. Apart from educational course several individual factors come into play while choosing a suitable career. Rishi Khandelwal also suggests that the occupations in demand and market trends keep changing so one should their own due diligence before deciding upon a career.

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