Car Ownership In Australia

This article is for anyone, who is new to Australia or is contemplating car ownership in Australia. According to Rishi Khandelwal, there are few things to consider while deciding to buy and maintain a car in Australia.

Which Car To Buy?

Depends on your budget, needs and preferences. Rishi Khandelwal also suggests considering reliability and maintenance costs when taking that decision. Prices range from as low as a few hundred dollars of end of life (near scrap cars) to hundreds of thousands of dollars for high-end luxury cars.

Where To Buy?

Local car dealers are the default preference for many. They provide warranties and clear title cars, with many providing in house finance. Car dealer cars are also advertised online. However, many cars are bought and sold privately with ads and information on Facebook, Gumtree, and other online classifieds.

What To Be Careful Of?

While it is relatively safe to buy a car from a licensed dealer, people have to be careful when buying or selling privately from an unknown person. Rishi Khandelwal states people have to do their due diligence, especially check the clear title of the car through government registry systems such as REVS check in order to ensure that the car is not written of stolen or has outstanding bank loan finance on that. There is no problem if there is a bank loan just have to ensure that you as a buyer pay out the bank loan or get the seller to do it before selling to you. Otherwise, Rishi Khandelwal suggests that while you’ll pay the money to the seller or owner of the car, if he or she does not pay off their loan then the bank or credit provider can repossess the car from the current owner.

Maintenance Costs

So what would be the maintenance costs? Well, annual government car registration costs approximately $800 — $1,000 per year depending on the state. Comprehensive insurance will depend but even for cheap cars it is $350 per year and can go up to $3,000 for premium luxury vehicles. Servicing costs may be about $500 per year for a cheap car or about $700- $800 for expensive cars. Petrol / Diesel will vary with consumption but you are looking at around $1.20 per liter for diesel or petrol at the time of this article. Add in costs for spares, tires batteries, etc.

Is It Worth It?

If you value convenience and can afford it, it is definitely worth it says Rishi Khandelwal. On the other hand, if you live in a busy city where car parking is a problem and you have a good public transport network you can avoid it only until some point. As a family grows and you want the weekend away, you'll be needing a car sooner or later.

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