Rishi Khandelwal gives an expert opinion on career courses available in Australia for various students. Rishi Khandelwal displays good career options for Asian students.

Rishi Khandelwal’s informative lines for good career options for Asian students and says If you are an international student, or a parent of a prospective international student, wanting to send your child to Australia, a common question arises what course shall I make them study. According to education expert Rishi Khandelwal it depends on two main factors. If its educational value and interest that you seek, then any course will be fine as young as you…

This article is for anyone, who is new to Australia or is contemplating car ownership in Australia. According to Rishi Khandelwal, there are few things to consider while deciding to buy and maintain a car in Australia.

Which Car To Buy?

Depends on your budget, needs and preferences. Rishi Khandelwal also suggests considering reliability and maintenance costs when taking that decision. Prices range from as low as a few hundred dollars of end of life (near scrap cars) to hundreds of thousands of dollars for high-end luxury cars.

Where To Buy?

Local car dealers are the default preference for many…

I am Rishi Khandelwal, and you guessed it right I am of Indian heritage. I am writing this blog to share what every parent of Indian origin faces while raising children in developed countries like Australia. For the sake of this article let's call them Miss Magpie and Master Gecko.

Although at this stage both children are quite young (less than 10 years of age) I constantly keep getting reminded from relatives that they are going to become headaches when they enter their teens. Does it concern me in any way? The simple answer is not at all. Well, you…

Rishi Khandelwal

Rishi Khandelwal Is A Renowned Trainer And Communication Expert With A Decade Of Experience Upskilling Non-Native English Speakers To Achieve Their Goals…

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